garbage disposal repair

Do you need Garbage Disposal Repair or Installation?

One of the important appliances in every kitchen is the garbage disposal, and it is necessary that it is cared for properly. When you start to have trouble, TYCO Plumbing is just a phone call away. Here are some tips on taking care of your garbage disposal.

The major role of every garbage disposal is to liquefy any food remnant, flush it down the drain, and eliminate the odor.  This can cut down the amount of smelly waste in your trash container. This is  a better option than having to make a daily trip to the trash box or trash dumpster.  Over time, the blades used in the garbage disposal will become dull.  This is a natural occurance as you use the garbage disposal blades.  You can extend the lifespan of the disposal by not pouring grease down the drain.  This can cause the greace to stick to the blades dulling them (If you can’t avoid adding grease, then ensure you often use hot water to flush out the grease.).  You can also extend the life of your appliance by not sticking large objects into the drain.  chicken bones, utensils, large chunks of food, will dull your garbage disposal blades and create clogs.

Leaking Garbage Disposal

Sometimes, you may have a leaky garbage disposal and not know it until a unwanted mess occurs.  It is important to understand how to prevent this and find lasting solutions to repair the leaking garbage disposal.  Leaking occurs at many different areas of the appliance, and it is most important to know where the leak is coming from before attempting any repairs . Mostly, the garbage disposal leakage occurs at the sink flange, the sink drainpipe or the disk washer connection. When the leakages occur at the sink flange, turning off the garbage disposal would be the best solution, and remove the garbage disposal from the mounting flange.  If the mounting bolts loose, then tighten them up immediately to stop the leakages.  Sometimes the problem might be from the faulty plumber’s putty most especially when you noticed that the mounting bolts are tight.

Garbage Disposal Installation

When you know the different benefits you stand to gain by getting a garbage disposal installation, you may find yourself eager to get one as soon as possible. The following are some of the top benefits you stand to gain from having a garbage disposal installation in your home.

  1. Nice smelling kitchen environment:
    Instead of storing or keeping the food remnants in your garbage can, the garbage disposal will grind it up, and flush it through the pipes.
  2. It saves your money:
    You may not necessarily be spending on a professional plumber once you have the garbage disposal installation in your home and you understand the earlier discussed tips on how to repair it even when it has a fault. This is because you will not have to pay to anyone to remove clogs from your sink.
  3. Maintain lighter trash:
    When you use garbage disposal to send down the rotten food, and the unwanted kitchen remains, it lightens the weight in your trash bags.  Most the heavy weight that causes trash bags to break come from organic waste.  By sending that food down your garbage disposal, you will reduce the risk of your garbage bags breaking.
  4. Reduces the leaks on the pipes:
    The garbage disposal installation will help in reducing the pressure and weight on your pipes. Since having much pressure on pipes usually cause leakages to the pipes. Using this appliance will reduce the pressure, and possibly prevents the pipes from leaking.
  5. Easy to clean:
    In a snap, you can be done with cleaning. The garbage disposal appliance will help to wipe and ground all crumbs and other organic materials in a less then a minute.  Make sure your run the disposal with running water!

The information discussed above is to educate.  If you have any serious problems call  TYCO Plumbing to come evaluate it  Tyler Coupens is your local professional plumbing service provider in Westminster, CO. . We provide great services for your garbage disposal installation, leaking garbage disposal, garbage disposal repair, and all plumbing related works. Call Us today at 720-402-8784 if you have any questions or ready to schedule an appointment.



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