Need Leaking Toilet Repair or Installation Services?

toilet leaking repairA leaking toilet is a home owners worst nightmare. The leak can cause water damage to your flooring or carpet if not acknowledged and resolved on time. When the trusty home bathroom plunger will not work, you may need a professional plumber like TYCO Plumbing.

Professional plumbers are great in handling these issues because they are trained, licensed and have years of experience. Plumbers are equipped with the correct tools and experience regarding plumbing services. Not only does TYCO Plumbing provide bathroom toilet leaking and toilet installation services, we also provide bathroom remodeling.

DYI solutions to flushing problems

First, double check whether the water supply to the toilet is turned on or not.  Flushing problems occur mostly when there is an obstacle or object in the flush tank blocking the water flow. Sometimes, you can also solve the flushing problems when you replace the valve. You may not necessarily need a plumbing contractor to do this since the valve wears out over time and will need a replacement. Another great method of solving this is to tighten the handle. The handle may have gotten loose, and the problem may likely be solved when you do this. Lastly, try your trusty plunger for large toilet clogs. It may unclog the drain.

If you have any plumbing concerns or questions, please feel free to contact TYCO Plumbing, we will be happy to help you.



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