Do you need a water heater in Brighton, CO? Though most people immediately think they need to replace their home’s hot water heater when it starts giving them issues, this isn’t always the case. Many times the wiser choice is to contact an expert plumber and see if they have a water heater repair technician available to inspect your unit.

Though hot water heaters do eventually fail, as all things will. Depending on the overall condition and age of your tank, repairs may be a more economical alternative to a new water heater installation. Without having a professional plumber inspect your unit, it can be difficult to tell, but many times parts can be replaced for a fraction of the cost that you would pay to have a new system installed.

Well maintained water heaters or new water heaters have a number of benefits:
  • Increased Safety: A properly installed water heater will heat water safely and efficiently, which protects residents from scalding water as well as from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Comfortable Home: Proper installation will also improve water flow pressure inside of your home, which means that it’s less likely for you to experience lukewarm showers or constantly running taps.
  • Less Discomfort: A new water heater will also ensure that you are getting an adequate amount of hot water during peak use times, meaning that your family won’t ever have to wait or turn on their dishwasher right before they head out.