Water Heater Repair and Replacement

    Water Heater RepairEvery household has at least one water heater! Every day they produce hot water for us to wash dishes, take showers and do the laundry. However, if it isn’t maintained properly or if old age starts affecting it – these factors may make cause the water heater to leak or stop producing heat. This is when it becomes an expensive problem for anyone living in a house so make sure you’re checking up on your equipment before things go wrong!

    No matter how old your water heater is or what level of use it has seen, we can fix or replace it for you! Our team will come out and inspect your current water heater to determine if repairing or replacing is best for your situation.

    Well maintained water heaters or new water heaters have a number of benefits:
    • Increased Safety: A properly installed water heater will heat water safely and efficiently, which protects residents from scalding water as well as from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.
    • Comfortable Home: Proper installation will also improve water flow pressure inside of your home, which means that it’s less likely for you to experience lukewarm showers or constantly running taps.
    • Less Discomfort: A new water heater will also ensure that you are getting an adequate amount of hot water during peak use times, meaning that your family won’t ever have to wait or turn on their dishwasher right before they head out.

    If you do need a replacement, our team only works with the highest quality brands.
    We can walk you through the benefits and values of both tank and tankless water heaters.

    We carry these brands:
    • Bradford White Water Heaters
      high-quality tank water heaters.
    • Bradford

    • KD Navien
      high-efficiency tankless water heaters.
    • Navien

    • Rinnai
      commercial-grade standard tankless water heaters.
    • Rinnai

    Contact us about your water heater issues

    If your water heater is making noises or causing issues, give our team a call today to schedule an inspection. TYCO Plumbing strives to provide the highest level of service and professionalism in the industry. We encourage you to read our reviews and contact us with any questions.

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