When it comes to buying a water heater, size matters. Selecting an incorrectly sized unit can result in poor performance and potentially higher energy bills. To determine what size water heater you need, consider a few factors, such as your hot water demand rate, and your current plumbing system. Here’s what you should consider when selecting a water heater size that will best serve your needs.

1. The Climate of Where You Live

Where you live plays a major role in how much hot water you need to produce and what size water heater you should buy. In colder climates, you’ll need more capacity because of the extra energy needed to keep water warm in the winter. On the other hand, if you live in an area that stays relatively warm year-round, your hot water heating demands will be lower.

2. Estimate Your Hot Water Demand Rate

The amount of hot water you use in your home will be a major factor in selecting a correctly sized water heater. A household with two adults and three children has different needs than a single adult living alone. By estimating your hot water demand rate, you can better understand the size of tank you need to accommodate all of your household’s needs.

You can estimate your hot water demand by considering how many people live in your home and how often they shower, do laundry, or run the dishwasher. You can also look at the size of your current water heater. If you’re struggling to maintain enough hot water for everybody, it might be time to upgrade to something larger.

3. Check Your Home’s Plumbing System

Another factor to consider when selecting a water heater is your home’s plumbing system. The distance between the water heater and the furthest fixture will play a role in determining what size water heater you’ll need. The longer the distance that water has to travel, the larger the tank that is recommended because you may have a higher hot water demand due to heat loss as the water travels.

4. Consider Your Budget

Your budget is a major contributor to the size of the water heater you decide to purchase. Generally, larger tanks cost more than smaller ones, but they often come with higher energy efficiency ratings. With a little research, you can find the right balance between meeting your hot water needs and staying within your budget. Investing a little more money in something that may save you money in the long run is something to consider.

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better, so research and take advantage of rebates and discounts when possible. When planning your budget, you also need to consider the cost of installation, maintenance, and repairs. This will help you get the most out of your investment.

5. Consider Energy Efficiency

When considering what size water heater you need, you also want to ensure it has a high energy-efficiency rating. Look for models with high Uniform Energy Factor ratings (UEF) and advanced technology that helps reduce water heating costs.

Another option is to consider a tankless water heater, which doesn’t have a storage tank and only heats the water as it’s needed. Tankless models are often more efficient than traditional units but may be pricier.

6. Ask for Professional Advice

Making the right choice depends on many factors, and it can be difficult to decide which model will work best for your home. When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional who can help you select the right size water heater that meets all of your needs without breaking the bank. If you reside in Brighton, CO, and the surrounding areas, TYCO Plumbing can provide expert advice and installation services. Our technicians can help you consider factors such as climate, hot water demand rate, your current plumbing system, budget, and energy efficiency.

Reach out to TYCO Plumbing for water heater services. We also offer a variety of comprehensive plumbing services including the installation and repair of sump pumps, kitchen plumbing and gas services. Our team takes pride in providing top-notch services, ensuring that our customers are always happy with the work that we perform.

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