You want your Brighton home to look and function exactly as you want it. In your laundry room, it is common to keep things clean and simple. This means that you do not want a lot of exposed pipes. There are several ways to disguise your pipes without hurting the functionality. Talk to your plumber about these ideas to see which ones are the most suitable for your space.

Utility Sink Skirt

This is probably the most inexpensive, simple and fast way to hide the plumbing under your utility sink. The fabric attaches to the rim of the sink for a touch of elegance and no more visible plumbing. You can choose any fabric that works best with the look and feel of the room. Consider a fabric that is easy to wash so that you can toss it in the washer occasionally to keep it fresh and clean.

Built-In Shelving and Cabinetry

Your laundry room can also serve as additional storage space, but you want to ensure that it does not just become a room full of visible clutter. Built-in shelving and cabinetry are an easy way to create more storage space in a way that disguises the clutter. You can design these any way you want so that they wrap around your plumbing fixtures and appliances. Then, you will disguise the plumbing and add plenty of extra storage at the same time.

Decorative Screens or Curtains

With decorative screens, you can adjust their placement as necessary to ensure proper covering of your plumbing. This is also helpful when you need to clean because you can slide them out of the way and put them back when you finish. Decorative curtains are another option, and you can hang them using tension rods. The rods do not require any hardware so you can place them just about anywhere to conceal your plumbing.

False Wall or Enclosure

You can create a false enclosure or wall to surround the plumbing fixtures in your laundry room. There are several materials that you can use, such as beadboard, drywall and decorative wall materials. You can easily move this enclosure or wall when you need a plumber to do any work on your fixtures or pipes and for cleaning. If you do not want to move the entire enclosure or wall, you can add a small, hinged panel or door to create access.

Wall Decals or Art

If you do not want to fully hide the plumbing, turn it into art instead. Wall decals or art are ideal because they can adhere to the plumbing without the use of glue or anything else that could be difficult to remove. You can also remove and replace them as necessary when you want to make a change to the look of your laundry room. If you want a specific design or color scheme, you could even use paint. Just talk to your plumber to ensure that any paint you choose is safe for your pipes and fixtures.

Use Decorative Cladding

You can place decorative cladding directly onto the various exposed plumbing surfaces in your laundry room. Examples include beadboard, tile or textured panels. This option will add visual interest and texture to the room while also hiding your plumbing. To ensure the best longevity and durability, choose cladding that is easy to clean and resistant to moisture.

Potted Plants

The right potted plants can pull double duty. You can place them in front of tall pipes to disguise them. The right plants can also help to control the humidity level in your laundry room. Some examples include the spider plant, peace lily, palms and orchids.

Professional Plumbers in Brighton

Today’s laundry rooms are no longer tiny closets. They have decorative flair and a clean vibe. However, if there are exposed pipes everywhere, this can disrupt the aesthetic. Our Brighton plumbers can help you get everything in order so that your laundry room has the look that you are going for. We are also available for all of your other plumbing needs, such as sewer repairs and water heater installation, plus we can help with your toilets, sinks and showers.

Call TYCO Plumbing in Brighton today to get help with every element of your laundry room plumbing.

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